The members belonging to the Vysya community are spread across the world and are doing exceedingly well in their spheres of activity. Be it as an IT professional in the USA or a Factory owner in South Africa or a Businessman in Hong Kong or a Trader in China. Even in India they are actively present in all regions. Yet there exists no single platform that can bring them all together for the betterment of the community. Multiple entities exist in the Clubs and Associations space and they mostly serve the social and charitable needs of the community. If we can provide a common platform where members of the Vysya community can come together purely for business and service interests was a thought that crossed several minds all these years but did not lead to any particular solution. A group of young members of the Vysya community based in Hyderabad debated this issue extensively and decided to take the lead and launch a multiplatform network which will facilitate the business interests of the Vysya community.

The multi-platform network will enable one another to exchange ideas, make deals, discover opportunities and work collectively to benefit themselves and the community as a whole. The technology based multi-platform network will not only facilitate established members of the Vysya business community to come together but also provides a credible platform for the prospective members to absorb ideas, thoughts and contacts that would be beneficial for helping them set up their own business. It meets the latent need for authentic business networking between creative, inspiring people who are interested in meeting over conversations about business and related areas connected to business.

Membership of the platform will be available to any member of the Vysya community above 21 years of age. The only limiting factor will be that they have to be in Business or Service or desire to offer a business or a service.

Vysya Business Network (VBN) is an ofline business network that proposes to cater exclusively to members of the Vysya community. Under one roof, members of the Network unit can interact with one another and share business leads and promote business interests so that everyone benefits.

For smooth functioning of the Organization, the Founder & Co-founders team have designed a team of young and dynamic members who can actively participate in day to day activities of the organization. This was named as “Apex Body” which will have their tenure for 2 years with various portfolios as follows:

  • » Srikar Alapati (Apex Chairman & Growth Head)
  • » Sharat Chandra Boggarapu (Growth Head)
  • » Siva Kumar Emmadi (Technology Head)
  • » Venugopal Rachakonda (Finance Head)
  • » Koutike Vittal (Training Head)
  • » Ravikant Erramshetty (Training Head)
  • » Gupta DVSP (Membership Committee Head)
  • » Kartik Konda (Membership Committee Head)
  • » Alkesh Pulakanti (Membership Committee Head)