The Beginning

As a leading member of the Vysya community we seek your help, support and assistance for developing the three business networks into large entities which can help all the members of the Vysya community whichever part of the world they are in. All of us need to pool in our efforts and energies and build this massive networking enterprise that can knit our community together.

New chapter by name VBN CORAL Launch by Mr TG Venkatesh and to other luminaries witnessed like

  1. Mr Ramesh Gelli
  2. Mr Sridhar Katakam
  3. Mr Nethi Rajeshwar
  4. Mr Vinay Kumar Pabba
  5. Mr V V Sanyasi Rao for gracing the occasion.

The Journey:

VBN Hyderabad chapter 2016 PST as follows

  1. Mr. Siva Kumar Emmadi – Founder & Launch President
  2. Mr. Alkesh Pulakanti - Secretary
  3. Mr. Venu Rachakonda – Joint Secretary
  4. Mr. DVSP Gupta – Treasurer

Proud to share more than Rs 150 crores business generated.

VBN Hyderabad chapter 2017 PST as follows

  1. Mr. Srikar Alapati – President
  2. Mr. Rajesh Donkeshwar – Secretary
  3. Mr. Ravikanth Erramshetty – Treasurer

Proud to share more than Rs 300 crores business generated

VBN Hyderabad chapter 2018 PST as follows

  1. Mr. Rajesh Donkeshwar – President
  2. Mr. Sridhar Atmakuri – Secretary
  3. Mr. Vikram Myadam – Treasurer

We won't be surprised if we reach Rs 500 crores turnover by the end of the 2018.

VBN Hyderabad Coral Team 2018 PST as follows

  1. Mr. Sharat Boggarapu – President
  2. Mr. Radha Krishna – Secretary
  3. Mr. Hemanth Reddyshety – Treasurer

Targeted to generate the business of 250 crores by the end of 2018.